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Reflecting on 2018-19

Well, we’ve reached the end of another year at Edinburgh Concert Band- and what a busy year it’s been. ECB has given four performances this year. Our Christmas concert at Greyfriars was a success and very festive! March saw the return of our hugely popular Kids concert, raising £250 for […]

Gaynor Barradell

ECB live on BBC radio 3!

It was way back in June that Edinburgh Concert Band gave the world premiere performance of “Step Up”, a piece composed by Gaynor Barradell as part of Making Music’s Adopt a Composer scheme. A couple of days after that performance, BBC3 radio 3 came to record the piece at one […]

Final words from our MD

I can’t believe it’s all over. What a year! What a journey! With bleary eyes, I go to work with tunes and riffs of last week and related events swimming round my head. I am exhausted but what a fantastic reason to be exhausted. There’s not enough words to describe […]

Judy’s blowing to…. Blog

” I never thought I’d be swinging washing machine tubing above my head when I volunteered for percussion!” “We need a volunteer for percussion — anyone up for stepping up for Gaynor’s ‘Step Up!’……?” I jumped at the chance, there is a surplus of clarinets and I have always wanted […]

Polishing our final composition

Another rehearsal devoted entirely to Step Up with our adopted composer Gaynor & her Making Music mentor both present. Having been given the completed score a month ago with “note bashing” rehearsals in between, tonight was a real opportunity to start polishing the piece under the watchful ear of the composer. When […]

Workshop and 1st Draft

What a brilliant afternoon of music making!  Gaynor Barradell handed out parts for our first draft of the music, eagerly awaited by myself and the band.  She had worked extremely hard since her last visit to have the first draft ready in time for a full Sunday afternoon of workshops. […]

First impressions – Step Up

Tuesday’s rehearsal was fantastic with Gaynor there to give us the first really full impression of the shape and style of the work in progress. Really good to have a whole rehearsal to devote to this. Gaynor provided a worksheet with the main themes so even if we don’t actually play them […]