First impressions – Step Up

Tuesday’s rehearsal was fantastic with Gaynor there to give us the first really full impression of the shape and style of the work in progress. Really good to have a whole rehearsal to devote to this. Gaynor provided a worksheet with the main themes so even if we don’t actually play them in our section we know what’s going on and can fit in and support them. (A technique I recognise from my choir – we all sing much better if we know what the other parts are doing!) The themes were fun to play, and also accessible – this will mean a lot to our eventual audience! – and it was great seeing how they fitted into the score. Think I’m going to love this piece. Bikes play a major role, as does Edinburgh – not giving away too many secrets!!


But what really came home to me was the fantastic working relationship between Sarah our MD and Gaynor. They were buzzing. They had such confidence in each other. Speaks volumes for the quality of communication behind the scenes as well as for the huge professionalism that is going into this project. And they brought to the rehearsal a genuinely and totally relaxed mood, so that the band at large felt included in the discussion, could ask questions and add comments to the score without any feeling of intimidation or awkwardness.

It’s a privilege to be part of this creation!

Christine Bethune, 1st Oboe



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