Sarah Cunningham – Musical Director of Edinburgh Concert Band – on getting started with Adopt a Composer

A fantastic start to the project so far. After a great day in London for the big announcement of the pairings, we have set to work getting to know our adopted composer Gaynor Barradell and encouraged the band to share their thoughts and ideas.

Response has been enthusiastic with lots of ideas and already we have begun to form a great relationship with Gaynor that feels like we have known her for years.

Music likes and dislikes have been exchanged, proposed concert theme and repertoire ideas, previous concert programmes shared along with a members list and the percussion instruments available to us.
All of this has set Gaynor’s mind reeling with ideas and suggestions for us to begin to comment on via our Facebook page. The band have got on board straight away.

After a very exciting start we are eager to see what happens next and are looking forward to introducing Gaynor in person to the band on 7 November when she will participate as a band member in the rehearsal.

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